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It's not what we think of our services, it's all about what our contractors think and say about our umbrella company solution

I left CUC after I was offered a permanent role with the client I was working for. I had to complete a self assessment tax return 5 months later, I lost my P45 but CUC provided me a copy after a quick message. Great support even though I have moved on, thank you..

Lee, Hull

Service first class. Makes using an umbrella company very easy.

Quentin, Ipswich

Excellent service. Well done all.

Tim, Luton

When I email an enquiry I get instant response. Other companies in this field should be like this, they are not, you rock this line of business by far. Keep up the good work.

Susan, Hull

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your superb service and that I will be recommending you to many of my contractor colleagues.

David, Liverpool

The service provided is excellent compared to other companies I have used. All staff are really helpful and friendly. I will definitely use the service again if returning to contact work.

Christopher, Sussex

I would also like to say thanks for everything. I have actually recommended you guys to a load of people. You have been very helpful.

Hans, Southampton

I wish I had access to this service a year ago. Many thanks for a faultless service.

Guy, Cardiff

Great stuff!, you guys helped me when I really needed it - and really got me out of a hole!

Amy, London

If you are looking for an umbrella company, this is exactly the company you should >use.

Paul, Herts

Simple, even I could understand what I had to do! Many thanks. I have no problem recommending you guys to my colleagues.

Dave, Bristol

Quick message to say thanks for all your help. You're always very understanding and patient with me.

Sue, Manchester

Thanks for the advice and for being so clear and not using long words! Now I understand what's going on.


A friend recommended your services to me, and I can understand why he did - straightforward and at a price which I'm more than happy to pay. It's a good deal - for ME!

Helen, Bucks

Contractors Umbrella Company

Contractors Umbrella Company is a leading Umbrella Company for Contractors in the UK. Our combination of intelligent online payroll services and quality support, perfectly suit contractors who need a simple to use payroll and accounting solution which delivers maximum return and tax benefits.

If you are a new contractor, considering freelancing or you are new to umbrella companies, we suggest you first consider whether to use an Umbrella Company or Limited Company?