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Ten Good Reasons to Register with CUC

Providing an excellent service is everything to us and it matters to our contractors too. Contractors that register with us stay with us and we believe that is the ultimate endorsement of the quality of our Umbrella and Limited Company accounting services. You will discover how our systems will make your contract payroll and tax management simple and hassle free. Friendly, well trained, informed and passionate staff are there when you need them. Our business systems have built in support, with tips and tricks to make the most of your money. Unlike some umbrella companies, we do what it says on the tin-Reliable, Competitive and Consistent. No wonder that we are the contractors favourite umbrella company. Not convinced? Here's 10 good reasons why you should register with Contractors Umbrella Company:

  1. Registration is free
  2. Experienced & trained staff
  3. Well priced & great value
  4. We understand what a contractor needs
  5. No hidden fees
  6. No administration no hassles
  7. Free customer support
  8. Online 24/7 access to your account
  9. Inclusive insurance(s) cover
  10. HMRC compliant

Register with Contractors Umbrella Company and all of your business troubles will disappear! Well, maybe not all, but certainly the financial aspect! Safe, fast & efficient - we are here to service your contractor needs.

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Umbrella Company Services

Everything you need, we don't do small print, just open and honest systems, processes and staff. If you can't find the answer to your question or are puzzled by something, give us a call.

Employment contract features

  • Salary not less than National Minimum Wage.
  • Hours worked monitored to comply with Working Time Directive.
  • Employers Liability, Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance(s).
  • Verification of individual contractor employee's Right to Work.
  • Contractor employees commit to a Health & Safety policy.
  • Holiday Pay - option to accrue/include holiday pay.
  • Sick Pay - paid in compliance with employment legislation.
  • PAYE & NIC - deducted at source and paid directly to HMRC.
  • Staff Handbook - available to all contractor employees.
  • Staff Pension - access to a stakeholder pension scheme.

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Expenses Policy

  • Sophisticated tracking software validates all expense claims including date, location(s) and value cross-checking.
  • Safeguarded against HMRC investigation via a protective & detailed work related expenses policy.
  • The widely discredited 'dispensation' and 'scale rate' expense schemes are not offered.
  • As required by HMRC, proof of work-related expense claims required.
  • Contractor employees sign a declaration to explain & validate temporary work places.

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Safeguards and Guarantees

  • Contractors Umbrella Company differentiates funds in relation to: contractor employee's income, tax liabilities and trading income.
  • Standard assurances from our banking supplier as to their treatment of client funds.
  • Set procedures are in place to repay funds remitted incorrectly or in error.

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Structure & Declaration

  • A UK company registered in England, Incorporation number 07360030.
  • VAT reference 997 6058 53
  • Registered PAYE reference; - Call Office for details
  • Calculates and deducts PAYE & National Insurance Contribution taxes, having considered legitimate & validated contractor employee business expenses.
  • All contractor employees are employed directly by Contractors Umbrella Company.
  • Engages with contractor employees directly and not via any 3rd party.
  • No monies are ever diverted to any offshore facility.
  • Fees charged are based on a previously declared fixed amount.
  • Contractor employee payments are processed the same working day incoming funds are received and identified.

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  • IR35 does not apply in any way, shape or form to Contractors Umbrella Company contractor employees.
  • Contractors Umbrella Company is not an MSC, under the Finance Act 2007.
  • Contractors Umbrella Company does not operate as an employment agency or business.

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  • Contractors Umbrella Company is clear & honest throughout its marketing.
  • Pricing and service is published in a way that reinforces our declared intention of remaining transparent at all times.
  • Prices advertised are those which are actually paid by our contractor employees.
  • There are no additional charges levied, which have not been previously made clear.
  • All contractor employees understand payment time scales and cycles.
  • Where assumptions are made to demonstrate payment illustrations or benefits, such factors are declared.

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