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The following resources are provided to assist contractors who use our umbrella company payroll and accounting solution.

If there is specific information which you require which is not listed please contact us.

Umbrella Company Expenses
Umbrella Company Expenses Guide for Contractors

At Contractors Umbrella Company, we are always looking for new, SMART ways of working and delivering efficient solutions to our contractors.

As a market leader in accounting technology, we keep contractors pay and taxes within legislation. We're the best and intend to keep it that way for the benefit of us and our contractors.

Left Click on Your Expenses brochure to download our simple guide to umbrella company expenses

Further information about umbrella company expenses is available here.

Umbrella Company Tax, PAYE and NIC's
Guide to umbrella company Tax, PAYE and NIC's

Contractors with Contractors Umbrella Company don't have to worry about working out their taxes - it's all done for you!

In addition to CUC calculating what taxes are due, we settle them with HMRC on the contractor's behalf.

CUC's comprehensive customer service includes the completion of all related forms required by HMRC in relation to your taxes.

Discover more about Tax, PAYE and NI contributions here.

Umbrella Company Complaints Procedure
Guide to umbrella company complaints procedure

Complaints History: We provide a high quality service, which is reflected in our service history - just 1 complaint received in over 3 years of business. In this instance an agency had paid funds into the wrong account. Although the fault lay outside our responsibility, we stepped in and paid the contractor whilst the agency resolved the payment with the bank.

You, the contractor, comes first. If you have any concerns please contact us at your earliest opportunity so we can fix any problems quickly. Your peace of mind and confidence in us is our top priority.

Review our Umbrella Company Complaints procedure