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How Quickly Will I Be Paid?

You can find out when you'll be paid by checking out your secure portal area, here at Contractors Umbrella Company. This will give you an update on where in the payment cycle you are currently.

Your payment timescale is based upon your agreement with your agency. When you discuss any given contract role with your recruitment agency, the payment cycle should be mentioned.

Weekly or Monthly Payments

The payment terms are likely to be either weekly or monthly.

It is important that you enter your timesheet details into your secure portal account area, as soon as possible, as this triggers Contractors Umbrella Company to immediately raise & send an invoice to your recruitment agency.

Paper Trail

When the recruitment agency receives our invoice, they will invoice your client.

Your client will validate and authorise payment, which will trigger a payment to your recruitment agency.

Your recruitment agency will then pay Contractors Umbrella Company.

We transfer your net salary payment into your bank account, on the same day we receive payment from your agency.

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