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Umbrella Company

How does an Umbrella Company Work?

All Umbrella Companies undertake the same process, as outlined below. What really affects you is how the Umbrella Company performs; the speed of payments, the quality of staff, the effectiveness of their systems and MOST IMPORTANTLY, compliance with HMRC and other legislation. Umbrella Companies must adhere to government legislation and financial regulations, in addition to processes and timelines as mandated by HMRC. If you are being offered a very large take home pay by an umbrella, they may not be compliant with tax law and if this is the case, YOU could be forced to pay a huge bill in months/years to come. Search the internet, there are too many incidents of rogue umbrella companies not working to legislation.

Contractors Umbrella Company is a reputable, well rated umbrella company. Choosing us means you never have to worry about the tax man.

Why Choose Contractors Umbrella Company?

With Contractors Umbrella Company you:

  • Off-load all your paperwork.
  • Pay minimum tax, within legislation.
  • Avoid the hassles of contracting.

The Contractors Umbrella Company Process

How it Works

Once registered, the process is simple and efficient:

  1. You submit a time sheet through our secure online portal, a 24/7 account facility
  2. We invoice your Recruitment Agency
  3. Your Recruitment Agency invoices your Client
  4. Your Client validates and pays your Recruitment Agency
  5. Your Recruitment Agency pays us
  6. We deal with HMRC and calculate all deductions, including our fees
  7. Your salary is transferred to your bank account*

* Whatever is placed in your bank account is after deductions, is net pay and yours to spend as you choose!

What You Do

  • Keep hold of any receipts if you buy any contract related items
  • Let us know if you ever have any questions
  • Keep your time sheet accurate and submit to us
  • Check your bank account!

What We Do For You

  • Provide professional & legal advice.
  • Provide full 'limited company' status.
  • Provide full employment rights.
  • Invoice your agency in the proper manner and within deadlines.
  • Ensure your agency pay quickly.
  • Calculate your Income Tax & National Insurance.
  • Ensure you pay the least amount of tax.
  • Send you a detailed payslip.
  • Deal with HMRC.