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Contractors Umbrella Company Complaints Procedure

You are Important

Contractors Umbrella Company is fully committed to our clients and we aim to deliver complete satisfaction at all levels of our operation.

If you feel there is an area where we can do better, or simply want to let us know about something we have got right, telephone, email or leave a message in the Secure Client Portal.

Customer Service

Contractors Umbrella Company is committed to providing an excellent & professional service. We recognise however, that mistakes can be made. Therefore, we have developed a complaints procedure to aid a satisfactory resolution.

If Contractors Umbrella Company is at fault, we will apologise and advise how we will put matters right.

Historically, most concerns or queries raised were dealt within Contractors Umbrella Companys normal business procedures. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service. Any issue that cannot be resolved immediately is identified as a 'case' and you will be sent a copy of our notes so you are sure we've logged your problem correctly and understand the issues. We will track progress until a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

We Will Deal with Your Problem

We do not look on complaints as unwanted. In fact, they help us to see where our services or procedures can be improved.

So do let us know where you feel a mistake has been made, or if you feel that our service has been unsatisfactory.

Even if you do not think that your particular concern amounts to a 'complaint' Contractors Umbrella Company would still like to have your thoughts.

What to do if you want to make a complaint

If you feel that your problem still hasn't been resolved properly, you can raise a complaint which will be handled independently.

Step 1: Contacting us for a Complaint form

The first step is to contact us and request a Complaints form. This can be done quite informally, by telephone, or email, or a message via the ContractorsUmbrellaCompany Secure Client Portal.

Step 2: Dealing with your complaint.

On receipt of your complaint, a senior member of staff or Manager will be assigned to your complaint. They will contact you within 8 working hours of your complaint being received.

Rapid resolution will be sought, but if there are expected delays, for example, further information is required, your assigned personnel will arrange the best way and time to keep you updated on progress.

You will be informed of what action is being taken and when to expect a full response, and resolution.

Step 3: Taking your complaint further

If you are not satisfied with the investigation management or outcome, you can take your complaint to a Director of Contractors Umbrella Company.

He/she will let you know within five working days that they have received your complaint and tell you when to expect a full response from them.