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Umbrella Company PAYE Calculator 2022/23

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Example: The illustration below is based on working 37.5 hours per week, at an hourly rate of £20.00, with an Expenses claim of £450.00.

You can create your own personal PAYE Salary illustration in just a few seconds using our online Umbrella PAYE Salary Calculator, includes all the latest tax factors for 2022/23 tax year.

You can edit the PAYE Salary example using the calctor above.

This illustration is designed to provide you with an idea of your take home pay using Contractors Umbrella Company service. For more information and details of what expenses you could claim, please call us on 0845 634 2552. Our experts are waiting to take your call and are able to advise on any areas that you are unsure of.

PAYE Salary Calculation

Gross Pay £ 750.00
PAYE - 15.00
National Insurance - 28.11
Umbrella Company Fee - 27.50
Take Home PW £ 679.39
91% of weekly gross income

*Illustration only - Add your details for a personal illustration.

  • If you were to be paid as a traditional employee you would earn: £466.36 rather than the £679.39 earned with us.
  • The above calculation provides an example of earnings based on 1 weeks employment and a tax code of 944L
  • Based on the details provided, this person is 31.4% better off. The maximum amount of claimable expenses for this illustration is £458.34. (Please note that though you may input higher expenses, we will not process any expenses beyond £458.34, in accordance with current HMRC legislation. Other Umbrella Companies that process higher amounts are contravening existing laws, which could result in legal action. Contractors Umbrella Company adheres to all current law and Government legislation..

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