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Contractors Umbrella Company is a leading Umbrella Company for Contractors in the UK. Our combination of intelligent online payroll services and quality support, perfectly suit contractors, freelancers and temps who need a simple to use payroll and accounting solution which delivers maximum return and tax benefits.

If you are a new contractor, considering freelancing or you are new to umbrella companies, we suggest you first consider whether to use an Umbrella Company or Limited Company?

Umbrella Companies and the Umbrella Company Service

At Contractors Umbrella Company (CUC), we like to keep information clear and concise. Our industry leading software and tax solutions make compliance simple, but we know that most important is for the contractor, freelancer, small company... to understand exactly what is involved. The umbrella company section provides clear information so you can discover What, Why and How umbrella companies work. Our umbrella company FAQ's clarify specific details about our umbrella company service with expenses guides that you can read online or download and print for your reference. When comfortable that CUC is the best umbrella company for you, you can register securely confident in the knowledge that our entire site and systems have the highest web security protocols and protection available. Alternatively you can telephone (0845 634 2552) and we will guide you through the registration process.

Busy at the moment? Contact us, leave your number, along with a convenient time for us to return your call. We would be happy to discuss options with you.

How the umbrella company solution works

Umbrella companies are a simplified way of providing contractors/freelancers with limited company status. The aim is to allow you to work independently in a contract role in order to support the client needs.

The umbrella company process is very simple. The client pays the agency. The agency pays the umbrella company, after deducting their commission, etc. The umbrella company then calculate tax, PAYE (Pay As You Earn), NIC (National Insurance Contributions), VAT (Value Added Tax), Expenses and umbrella company fee, after which the contractor is paid. As payment is received after all deductions and due benefits are accounted for, contractors/freelancers have the advantage of no liaison with HMRC (Her Majestys Revenue and Customs) and no worry about correct tax deductions. Advantages regarding legitimate contract related expenses could provide an increased take home pay when compared to a traditional PAYE employee.

Expectations about expenses. Umbrella company accounting can provide rates as high as 90%. However, this is only true for very low earners though CUC research suggests that many umbrella companies promise this. Unfortunately, unless you are a very low earner, you would not realise this rate. CUC's average return (across all our contractors in all industries) is circa 68% take home pay. All umbrella companies work to the same accounting laws and caveats (at least they should do, if they operate legally and ethically). What establishes an umbrella company as the best umbrella company is; the bredth of advice and guidance, simplicity of systems, HMRC knowledge, speed of payment, personal human touch when needed and consistency of a high quality service.

How to choose the best Umbrella Company

It's difficult identifying which umbrella company is the best We believe we are, but then so do most of the others! What sets CUC aside is our consistency and longevity of our contractors/freelancers. Once registered, people stay with us. Long term contractors who started with our umbrella service continue to do so or move onto our limited company accounting and payroll solution. So, it's not what we say, it's what they say.

We are not the biggest, but according to Umbrella Compare our contractors think we are the best, securing first place in the recent poll.

Umbrella Company Tie in

It gets better... We only charge you when you work. Our umbrella company fees are only deducted when you are in contract and submitting timesheets. Our flexible solution means you use us when you need us. No hassle, no notice period, just excellent service and HMRC compliant payroll, accounting and maximum take home pay.

What is says on the Tin

Use our free online PAYE calculatorto provide a salary comparison and show exactly how much you could earn using Contractors Umbrella Company in comparison to a traditional PAYE employee. We also have a mobile friendly PAYE Calculator with Graphical overview, showing umbrella company earnings compared to PAYE salary. Download our free guide to umbrella company expenses.

We have invested heavily in technology over the years and our proven systems provide full HMRC compliance, yet are Our systems are designed with the contractor in mind and maintain a simple user friendly approach, so even a technophobe would be comfortable within 20 minutes - Everything a contractor needs to make payroll and cash movements fast and efficient.

More importantly, we ensure you remain completely compliant with HMRC legislation ensuring that your increased take home pay is legally yours. We won't allow you to over submit expenses but will ensure you are fully appraised of what you can and cannot claim during your contract. If you are ever ensure of anything, your personal account manager is just a phone call away. You are in safe hands from the moment you register.

Our Holistic contractor package and services support contractors throughout their career. We guide new contractors, through their first contract, providing guidance on what an umbrella company is and what services the umbrella company provides moving through to managing their own limited company as their confidence with contracting grows and the benefits of running a limited company outweigh the convenience of an umbrella company.

We are here for your journey, to help you grow and support you with every step of your career as a contractor. With services encompassing Umbrella Company, Limited Company, full tax returns, Mortgages, Pensions and other financial services we believe we provide the most comprehensive Contractor solution in the market, without the bureaucracy and delay that plagues many other umbrella companies. It's our close relationship with our contractors that has allowed us to grow, develop and tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients with several of our original umbrella company contractors now running successful limited companies through utilising our payroll systems with numerous employees. Join the Best Umbrella Company We are here, ready to help you with your contract, providing you with the best solution and maximum take home pay, quickly, compliantly, each and every time you need us. Complete the secure umbrella company registration form or call us know on 0845 634 2552 or contact us by email and we will contact you.