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Money Matters - Life Cover

Contractors Umbrella Company have a loing standing relationship with Contractor Financials, a company that shares our ethic of investing in the career contractor.

Contractor Financials specialise in finding the right insurance to suit your individual needs as a Contractor and aim to provide this essential cover for you at an affordable price.

There are two main types of life insurance; term cover and whole of life cover. Term cover will protect you for a specified period, e.g. until your children turn 18 or a decreasing term cover that can be used to protect a repayment mortgage. Whole of life cover will pay out at any age.

Life cover will normally pay out a lump sum but if you are worried about how your loved ones will cope with the challenge of investing these funds and budgeting then a family income benefit will pay them a manageable monthly income instead.

It is also possible for you to protect life cover premiums if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. After six months the insurer will maintain the payments so that your family or mortgage remains protected, this is called a 'waiver of premium'.

Contractor Financials will deal directly with you once you contact them using the form below and will provide the latest deals and financial services agreed with CUC.

Peace of Mind

In the unlikely event that you experience any difficulties with Contractor Financials, we will assist you in reaching a solution with Director to Director communication if necessary. To date, this has never been required.

Specific Areas of Financial Expertise:

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Ready to talk? For a no obligation discussion about your finances and information about products and services which are best suited to you, please complete the following form and we will call you back at a convenient time for you.  Remember, our experts deal with thousands of contractors and limited company directors just like you every year.  We understand your circumstances and have the solutions that will ensure you get the best financial solution for you.