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Contractor ISA's And Investments

Access to Savings

You can invest up to £10,680pa each year into an ISA account.

ISAs offer flexible investments with options that are suitable for short, medium and long term needs. With most you can draw out your savings at any time.

Reality Check

Investing in an equity ISA is one of the most popular routes and stock market based investments. Historically they offer the good returns as long as you can accept that your funds may fluctuate in value from one year to the next.

All Risk Types

For investors with a low risk tolerance or those that need to have access to their savings in the short term, a cash ISA would probably be more suitable and these invariably offer instant access to your savings.

Offering a compromise between the cash and equity ISAs, a protected ISA tracks the stock market but it carries protection for the underlying value of the fund. This allows Contractors to benefit from some of the potential for growth in an equity ISA with the security of a cash ISA.

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