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Contracting Through Your Own Limited Company

Contracting through your own Limited Company is quite straightforward. First of all, you have to form a Limited Company. It is fast and easy to set up. Fill in a simple form, that should take around 10 minutes to complete. Your Limited Company will then be fully setup within a couple of hours.

The cost to setup a Limited Company varies, and you should expect to pay around £150 through an agent.

Free Limited Company

NEWSFLASH: Contractors Limited Company will setup your limited company on your behalf - for FREE!

Contractors Limited Company will also get your limited company registered for VAT and help you setup a business bank account.

Now you have your limited company setup, you can start your contracting work. Once you complete your first week/month or work, you need to invoice your recruitment agency - Contractors Limited Company's service covers this for you.

Contracting through your own Limited Company, utilising our services, can be the most cost effective way of working.

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