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Contractors Umbrella Company is a leading Umbrella Company for Contractors in the UK. Our combination of intelligent online payroll services and quality support, perfectly suit contractors who need either the simplicity and convenience of an umbrella company or their own limited company with PAYE, VAT and other tax returns.

If this is your first contract or your new to umbrella companies, we suggest you start with the following article - Umbrella or Limited Company?

Use our free online PAYE calculator to provide a salary comparison and exactly how much you could earn using Contractors Umbrella Company in comparison to a traditional PAYE employee. We also have a mobile friendly PAYE Calculator with umbrella company earnings compared to PAYE salary with Graphical overview

We have invested heavily in technology over the years and our proven systems provide full HMRC compliance yet are simple enough that even a technophobe would be comfortable within 20 minutes. Our systems are designed with the contractor in mind. Everything a contractor needs to make payroll and cash movements fast and efficient.

More importantly, we ensure you remain completely compliant with HMRC legislation so your increased take home pay is yours legally. We won't allow you to over submit expenses but we will ensure you are fully appraised of what you can and cannot claim during your contract. If you are ever ensure of anything, your personal account manager is just a call away. You are in safe hands from the moment you register.

Our Holistic contractor package and services support contractors throughout their career. We guide new contractors, testing the water with their first contract and looking for guidance on what an umbrella company is and what services the umbrella company provides through to their own limited company as their experience with contracting grows and the benefits of running a limited company outweigh the convenience of an umbrella company.

We are here for your journey, to help you grow and support you with every step of your career as a contractor. With services encompassing Umbrella Company, Limited Company, full tax returns, Mortgages, Pensions and other financial services we believe we provide the most comprehensive Contractor solution in the market without the bureaucracy and delay that plagues many other umbrella companies. It's our close relationship with our contractors that has allowed us to grow, develop and tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients with several of our original umbrella company contractors now running successful limited companies through our payroll systems with numerious employees.